We are a collective of rebels.  By creatively seeing the change we want to be in the world, we diverge from current ideals to push for never seen before progress. 
We find beauty in what is seen to be different, ugly, or strange.  Practicality does not 
determine worth, for beauty may exist for the purpose of sheer enjoyment.  

We are self starters who push to make the dream in our brains reality.  We thrive on our strengths and band together with those who make up for our weaknesses.

Through CULTMUNITY, COLLABORATION, and CREATION, we set ourselves apart from the rest.  To stand out is to succeed, and we design to invent.


1. CULTMUNITY: let’s be alone together.
2. COLLABORATION: two minds are better than one.
3. CREATION: get what’s in your mind, out.   


Don’t stand for the same thing as everyone else, be your own future.  Create and live as if no one is watching.  Wear the logo, and start a revolution.